Can you be “fair and balanced” in all that your think and do? It is likely you think that you can. This is a reasonable perspective, but not one that is necessarily accurate.

I recall receiving jury summons a number of times, but only once being in the jury pool where I was interviewed by the lawyer. I made it a point to answer truthfully, giving all indications that I could be fair with the evidence presented in the trial. I was not chosen. I do not know why, but since then I was told that, in part, you were not chosen because you think and live by absolutes, that is, as a Christian. A Christian not chosen because he or she lives by the Lord’s authority and not one’s own?

This philosophy of life I live by encourages and demands that I interpret life through the lens of God’s righteousness. In other words, things are wrong, or they are right because there is a measurement that is higher than man’s law, or perspective. It is this perspective that should be the foundation of being “fair and balanced.”

Sometimes, however, one’s philosophy is warped. This was the case in 1 Samuel 23:7 when King Saul interpreted the events in front of him as God’s deliverance of his enemy David. How could Saul be so wrong when on occasions previous to this he had been told by the Lord’s prophet, Samuel, that God has rejected him and chosen another to sit on the throne? Saul was wrong because he deceived himself into thinking that God still might be assisting him in his reign—after all, didn’t God place him on the throne? Since he was there, isn’t it reasonable that God will protect him while on the throne?

Interpreting life by God’s standard demands that I be “fair and balanced.” That means that I judge all by the same standard, showing no partiality. This is fairness. It is righteous judgment when one takes the information gathered, puts it into the context of the scenario, and renders a verdict. This is balance.

The challenge for each Christian, then, is to have the determination to do exactly that, not being quick to come to incomplete conclusion, but deliberate to come to righteous conclusions.

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