Faith and the Church Budget

When a congregation plans a budget for the upcoming year, they work with cold, hard numbers based on the expected contribution and the needs of the congregation.

If this budget is seen as a business document alone, does it fit with the Lord’s work?

If we step away from the business model, we ask: What role does faith and prayer have in the construction of a church budget? If we work on our budget in October and November, should we not begin praying for the budget months before?

The sobering reality is that the terrible economy has been savage to church budgets causing cuts everywhere.

  • Does God stop working during difficult financial times?
  • Do we not redouble our prayer and maintain our faith during these trials?
  • Does God give us a pass when we have less money?
  • Does He expect us to give all the time regardless of the situation?

I look forward to your thoughts on this subject.

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