It seems in today’s secular culture one national holiday is losing out—Mothers’ Day.  In some circles of society to exalt motherhood is not politically correct.  More emphasis is being placed on women “liberating” themselves from the “shackles” of the home in order that she might make a place for herself in the world.  Maybe I’m old fashioned when it comes to such matters, but I consider myself privileged to have grown up with a godly mother who was always there with me instead of pursuing a career.  I feel for the children today who do not have this privilege and blessing.  This is not to be critical of those mothers who, because of the economic situation, feel compelled to work outside the home, however.  But the exalting of a career over motherhood is not commendable.

The church and society as a whole would be greatly weakened if it were not for godly mothers who have sacrificed themselves for their children’s sake.  Only God’s love could surpass a godly mother’s love, often at the bedside of a sick child, or hours on her knees pleading in behalf of a wayward son or daughter.

It is interesting to me to note that the apostle Paul gave specific instructions to fathers, not mothers, to bring up their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).  I don’t believe Paul, by inspiration, was leaving mothers out.  I think it more likely that God knows, and Paul knew, that it is the mothers who more naturally are prone to do so even without such an admonition.  Contrary to popular thought, I believe mothers are, by nature, the better nurturers, and Paul is saying, “Fathers, don’t leave it all up to the mothers.  Get in there and take the lead.”

While politicians battle over who actually is engaging in a “war on women,” let us not give in to the world’s standards.  God created both men and women, and all are equally loved by God.  However, there are natural differences, and these differences should be recognized and honored.  We sometimes sing the song “Faith of Our Fathers,” but let’s not forget the power also of the “Faith of Our Mothers.”  May God bless each, and increase the numbers.                                                                   –Ron Bartanen