False Doctrine

A word to the wise is sufficient…or so they say. The congregation we worshipped with for 14 years was sound…or so we thought. On the evenings of March 1, 2015, and March 8, 2015, I listened in amazement as the preacher I had thought was true to the Word suddenly was declaring that the church had an obligation to fellowship anyone and any congregation where there were “baptized believers.” According to his sermons, it matters not what they believe and what they teach…if they have been baptized, that is the only thing that matters. Yes, baptism matters, but so does the doctrine. Many have been “dunked,” but, if they do not obey the doctrine taught in the New Testament, they are still not Christians. At any rate, please study the Bible on your own. Know the Doctrine of the New Testament. Be ready to dispute and expose those who teach false doctrine.