Farmers are thanking God for the blessin…

Farmers are thanking God for the blessings of working the land, abundant crops and the fact that most harvests have been far drier than this one. The unusually difficult situations give us a much greater appreciation for the usual and the normal.

Many folks consider farmers little more than rednecks with tractors. Perhaps the thought has a grain of truth to it. Farming naturally has earthy qualities that rub off on it’s participants. Farming is challenging, dirty, unpredictable, physical, mental, bloody, and stinky. . .and I like it. Tilling, planting, and harvesting, watching the sun and moon come up and go down, seeing all the stars from the tractor seat as you slowly bounce across a field, watching the weather systems move through, knowing it’s going to rain by the way it feels or even by the way it smells, digging up seeds to see how they’re germinating, scouring the fields to see if we can “row” the first plants coming through. . .all these things and so many more connect farmers to the earth and it’s Creator like no other occupation. To even call it an occupation seems so secular. It is a way of life.

May this holiday season find you overflowing with gratitude to our great God and all that He has done for us!

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