Fast Food Restaurant

I can’t answer the question definitively with just one place.  Biscuits and tea from McDonald’s are big favorites of mine.  I like Wendy’s because their burgers are terrific. Plus, they have something no other place can match. They have baked potatoes! Yum.

I’ve often thought that Arby’s seems to want to be the fast food destination for adults but they don’t have baked potatoes. Someone at their headquarters is not thinking straight.

I also love  Subway and I usually eat the Club which is one of their healthiest meals.

The most impressive fast food place is Chick-Fil-A because they are a Christian based organization and are friendlier than anyone. They are a marvel among all of their competitors.

I rarely eat fast food, other than biscuits from McDonald’s. I usually just have Lean  Cuisine for lunch. Plus, I can’t eat greasy food and that eliminates a lot of fast food for me.


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