Fat Shepherds

From the vantage point of the Lord (Ezekiel 34:16), those who call themselves or are identified as shepherds, but fail to do the job commissioned by the Lord are men who will face the Lord in judgment; this will not be a good “day” for them! This is not the kind of shepherd one wants to be associated with.

In the New Testament shepherds are identified with the words: bishops, overseers, presbyter, and/or pastors. They are never once identified with the word “preacher” or “minister.” Certainly, in one respect, the shepherd is a preacher and a minister, but as the word is used today in a religious context, the biblical “pastor” was not the preacher, but one (male) elder who served alongside other men who were also elders in a single congregation of people. That is why, in the New Testament, there is a plurality of elders (or bishops, pastors, etc.) in each congregation. This simple plan of God, isn’t it a good plan to stay with? With this, isn’t this something to be associated?