"Fat's where it's at!" revisited – JAM

I just opened my latest Christian Chronicle and the first thing I read was Bobby Ross’ Inside Story: “Thou shalt not eat too many fatty foods.” I was unaware of MSNBC’s “Praise the lard . . .” link or Time Magazine’s “Why Church Can Make You Fat” article. Nor had I read USA Today’s “the devil may be in the pepperoni”. Nevertheless, in spite of a chorus (non-instrumental, of course) of boos and cat-calls, I still contend that Christians should be taking the lead calling for moderation in all things, and that certainly includes eating. Are you the “salt of the earth” or the casserole of the community? If we are to be the best example and witness for Jesus, then “thin is in!” Christians of the early church fasted twice a week, if we are to believe the Didache. The only fast that Christians today practice is break-fast. Maybe the occasional fast would help us get in shape: better physical shape (and in this regard round is not a shape!) and better spiritual shape, too.

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