Favorite Bible character: Joseph

Daniel is ahead in the running, so I’m going to go with Joseph. My reasons, in no particular order, follow.

One, you see no moaning and groaning, at least, evident, in all the bad things that happened to him. He wasn’t passive, but made use of his circumstances to serve God.

Two, he was a forgiver, when his brothers appeared before him.

Three, he knew God’s providence when he saw it.

Four, God sent him into a foreign land, albeit in chains (or ropes, maybe?), to save his people; the Lord used him mightily, that young whippersnapper.

Five, even though he might have done well not to say much about it, he was a dreamer — but the proclamation of those dreams later served to demonstrate that God was behind it all. Sure, God gave him those time- and person-specific dreams, but it appears he took them to heart. I want to dream the dreams of God. (I think I wrote a poem or two about that.)

Sixth, Joseph was pure; he resisted temptation to sin.

Seventh, he was a man of great faith in God’s promise, for he made arrangements for his body to be buried in Canaan.

Like Daniel, I can’t remember offhand anything negative being written about him, though he’s sometimes painted as a spoiled brat. I have my doubts about that portrayal.

So Joseph is my favorite non-divine Bible character.

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