My favorite Bible sites: No content but Bible

To get a devotional by email on the site, you have to give them lots of personal information. No thanks! About the only thing they don’t ask for is your shoe size. That’s not a service, it’s a data-collection effort by the company.

Even if the version wasn’t my favorite, the site was once the best I’d ever seen, since it offered the Bible text only. (That’s my number one criterion.) Later, they offered the devotional material by email. It’s still one of the better ones.

The best in my ranking at the moment is, for they have no other content besides the Bible. Even though the two versions it offers aren’t my favorites, the NASB and ESV are excellent versions and I consult them often. Their way of making searches available by sections of the Bible works better than any other site I’m aware of.

The NET Bible site is excellent for the version and notes, but their library, not to mention their blog area, contains all sorts of denominational teaching. The NET Bible is my go-to version in English, and it’s available on a number of sites.

BibleGateway was once a favorite site, because of all the versions available. Then Zondervan bought it, and filled it extra material and, worse, advertising. It’s becoming hard to navigate, though I still use it at times, especially for the Portuguese NVI. But I’m moving away from it to BlueLetterBible, when it comes to multi-version searches. But the latter also has plenty of other content.

What’s your experience with Bible sites, and what are your favorites, and why?

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