Favorite Fast Food…

My favorite fast food joint at the moment would probably be Taco Bell. The reason? My wife & I both have a tendency to be…well, we’ll call it “frugal,” & our family of 6 can eat there for about $15. We love the 99-cent Beefy-Crunch Burrito & the 5-Layer Burrito. I like the new shrimp tacos, but they make the price of the meal go up (totally worth it, though!). I’m an Arby’s fan also &, for burgers, the flame-broiled goodness of a Whopper (BK) is tough to beat!

My dream meal would be to set before me a big ‘ole Whopper from BK (better make it a double), fries from McDonald’s, a taco salad from Wendy’s (extra ranch & chili, please), & pretty much any dessert from Dairy Queen. A fountain Dr. Pepper from any of the above would top it off, as well as coffee from BK (back before they changed it). Oh, & a cookies-n-cream milkshake from Chick-Fil-A. I’d be sick as a dog after that meal, but it’d sure be good!

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