Feb. 13. God Tells Israelites to Leave Mt. Sinai and Replaces Broken Stone

Tablets Ex. 33:1-34:35

God notified Moses that it was time to depart from the area of Mt. Sinai and to continue toward occupying the Promised Land. However, due to their grievous sin of worshipping the golden calf, God was going to depart from their presence. Instead of leading them Himself, He was going to send His Angel as His representative. Sin separates man from God!

The news of their separation from God grieved the children of Israel. As a sign of their repentance, they mourned and removed their jewelry.

Again, Moses mediated between God and the Israelites. Since God was no longer in their presence, Moses took his tent as a substitute for the yet to be built tabernacle and met with Him far from the camp.

Joshua, the son of Nun had accompanied Moses upon Mt. Sinai when he went to receive the law from God. That young man also went with Moses to meet with God outside the camp. He was to become another prominent personality in the history of the Israelite nation.

After seeing the repentance of the people and hearing Moses plead for His return, God relented and returned to their presence and promised to remain. He continues to have compassion toward penitent sinners when they return to Him.

God commanded Moses to prepare two more tablets of stone to replace the two that he had broken. He was to meet with God up on the mountain early the next morning. Moses went alone and neither ate nor drank during the forty days and nights that he was in the presence of God.

During the previous meeting of Moses with God on Mt. Sinai, the people had broken the covenant that they had made with Him. Since He is a merciful and forgiving God, He renewed the covenant with Moses. He also rewrote the ten commandments on the stone tablets.

The time for entering the Promised Land was near. God stated that He would drive the various peoples out of the land. The Israelites were responsible for destroying all of the items of idol worship that were being used by the inhabitants. They also were not to marry or make any other covenants with the people, lest they be drawn into their idol worship. He is a jealous God and wants our complete allegiance.

God’s glory was so magnificent that Moses’ face shown a brilliant white when he came down from the mountain. In order for the people to view him when he spoke, he placed a veil on his face to hide the brightness until he had finished speaking. He would speak with God with his face uncovered.