Feb. 14. Tabernacle and Furnishings Built

Ex. 35:1-38:31

God had given Moses the specifications for the construction of the tabernacle. It was time to put His words into action. Whenever there is work to do, it is necessary to procure workmen and materials to accomplish the job. Earlier, God had selected two men with special skills to be His main craftsmen.

A call was issued throughout the camp for the needed materials for the tabernacle. When God’s people are asked for support for a specific need, they usually respond favorably. The response of the Israelites for a free-will offering was very generous. It became necessary for Moses to ask that they stop giving, “for the material they had was sufficient for the work to be done—indeed too much.”

God, the Master Architect and Engineer had given the exact specifications to Moses for the construction of the tabernacle. The materials had been collected and the skilled workmen had been commissioned for the job. They followed His instructions exactly as they were specified. The various curtains and boards were completely fabricated and ready for assembly into the finished tabernacle.

After making the components of the tabernacle, Bezalel and his workmen began the task of building the various articles for worship to be placed inside the completed structure.

As an example of the importance of following instructions, the specifications and materials for the tabernacle and its furnishings that had been pointed out earlier were repeated as the account of their building was recorded.

God demanded/demands the best that man has. It is said that acacia wood is close-grained. This would make it hard and durable for the purposes God had intended.

A talent weighed approximately seventy-five pounds and a shekel four-tenths of an ounce. Using these weights, there were about 2,193 pounds of gold, 7,544 pounds of silver and 5,310 pounds of bronze in the tabernacle complex. That amount of precious metal indicates the splendor of God’s house. Those materials having been given as a free-will offering showed the sacrificial spirit of the Israelites as they prepared to worship God.