Feb. 17. Living Before God and Man

Mt. 6:1-18

The Pharisees had a practice of bringing attention to themselves when they did a good deed or made a charitable contribution to the poor. Jesus spoke against this and stated that these things should be done in secret. “…and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.” He called these individuals hypocrites.

Jesus also spoke against the hypocrites who prayed in public places to be seen of men. Even when fasting, they disfigured their faces to give the appearance of fasting. He said that prayer and fasting are private matters to be done in secret and that God will reward those individuals openly.

Before leaving the subject of prayer, Jesus gave the apostles a model prayer. He did not expect them to recite it word for word but to use it as an example of how to pray. Some have called this the Lord’s Prayer, but the Lord did not pray this prayer.