Feb. 17. Various Offerings Continued

Lev. 4:1-6:7

All of us sin at various times without realizing it. God devised a plan even with the Israelites to remedy such a situation. He set up regulations for different classes of people with varying ratios according to the moral responsibilities of the people involved. Sin offerings from priests for their own sins were more expensive than those from the common people with varying degrees for other classes between them. Blood from animals or birds was required to atone for unintentional sins once the people had been made aware of them. If a person was too poor to offer an animal sacrifice, he could substitute an offering of fine flour.

A trespass offering was required for certain offences against God. Refusing to reveal information probably in court or touching a dead body of beast or man, including anything else unclean making him unclean required a trespass offering.

Sins of fraud, theft or loss of property entrusted to one’s care required a trespass offering. Those sins also required restitution of the property’s full value plus one-fifth.