Feb. 20. Absalom Returns to Jerusalem

I Sam. 14:1-33

Sometimes it takes one outside of the family to recognize a solution of problems within that family. David’s son, Amnon was dead and could not be brought back. Absalom had fled for refuge because of his brother’s murder.

Joab, in an attempt to bring reconciliation between David and Absalom enlisted the aid of a neighboring woman. They fabricated a story that paralleled the relationship between the king and his son. That scheme resulted in the return of Absalom to his own house, but David refused to see him. He refused to extend the mercy that was needed at that time.

Absalom was a handsome man. “From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him.” He had long flowing hair that he only cut yearly. It is estimated that the two hundred shekels that his hair weighed was five pounds. He was very popular in the eyes of the people.

After about two more years, David did bestow the kiss of forgiveness upon Absalom.