Feb. 23. Preparation for War

II Sam. 16:15-17:29

With David’s departure from Jerusalem completed, Absalom and his men moved into the city. Hushai, David’s friend/spy also joined forces with Absalom. Upon being questioned by the new king, Hushai pledged his “allegiance” to Absalom.

Absalom asked David’s former counselor, Ahithophel what he should do. A method of claiming superiority over one’s enemy was to take his concubines. That was Ahithophel’s advice to his new master. He further advised that he would attack that night while David was weary. His army would flee and David would be easy to capture.

Hushai was called and he reasoned that David would be like a bear without her cub. He being angry and a man of war, there would be a great loss of life in the ensuing battle. Hushai advised Absalom to gather a great army and to personally go into battle. That plan pleased Absalom above the one from Ahithophel. He appointed Amasa to lead his army as captain. He was a cousin of Joab who had continued to be the commander of David’s army.

Hushai told the priests, Zadok and Abiathar to inform David of the plans that had been presented to Absalom. Using the information from Hushai, David was able to escape to Mahanaim where he was well received.

Since his advice was rejected, Ahithophel also felt rejected and that the rebellion was doomed to failure. He went home and hanged himself.