Feb. 27. Praise for God’s Deliverance

II Sam. 22:1-51

This song of salvation is also recorded almost verbatim as Psalm 18. David as a “man after God’s own heart” continued to look to Him for protection and deliverance. He was lavish in his praise to God for his blessings.

The song began with an expression of the writer’s love for God. It continued with praises for the many blessings that he had enjoyed from God’s hands.

David further pointed out that it was through his own obedience that God had looked upon him with favor. He was not a self-righteous boaster, but he recognized that God loves righteousness and hates sin. He had accomplished many things, but God was the One who had provided the strength.

Pagan gods are lifeless images of wood, stone or precious metals. David concluded his song by recognizing Jehovah God as a living savior and deliverer.