Feb. 28. Judgment Pronounced Against Babylon

Jer. 50:1-46

As had been stated earlier, God used evil nations to punish other evil nations. Israel had been overcome by the evil Assyrians. The Lord had pronounced destruction and captivity upon Judah at the hand of wicked Babylon. Jeremiah was sent to proclaim the ultimate fall of the Babylonians. That destruction would take place many years in the future just as Assyria had fallen. A nation from the north would invade their land. History relates that the nation was Persia.

Jeremiah described the humiliation that would come upon Babylon. Their gods would be shamed and their images would be broken to pieces. The people would fall by arrows and swords. In the end, their dwelling place would be made desolate.

Included with the prophesies spoken against Babylon were words of hope for their captives. Judah and the remnant of Israel who had dwelt with them after Samaria had fallen would begin to seek the Lord and the way back to Zion. “Come and let us join ourselves to the Lord…” God would use the fall of Babylon as a means of freeing a penitent Judah.