Feb. 7. Jewish Leaders Reject Jesus

Jn. 5:16-47

When the Jewish leaders learned that Jesus was responsible for this healing on the Sabbath, they began to try to kill Him. In their minds, He had violated the Sabbath. He explained, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.” Even though God rested, He continued doing good.

The Jews now had a greater desire to kill Jesus because in addition to breaking the Sabbath, He had said that God was His Father, making Him equal with God. He pointed out that greater things than healing the sick would take place. The dead would also be raised!

At this time, Jesus saw that the opportunity was right for some serious teaching about His relationship with God. Authority to execute judgment was given to Him. If He has the authority to judge, we must abide by His rules and not our own. One cannot honor God without honoring Christ. Neither can one dishonor Christ without dishonoring God.

Jesus identified various witnesses of His divinity. John the Baptist was the first witness of Jesus, but the miracles He performed were greater evidence than John’s testimony. God testified of Him and the Scriptures themselves spoke of Him and His coming. Moses also wrote of Jesus.