Note: Below are past and present Fellows. They provided their own bio lines.

Vicki Matheny has lived and worked in Brazil with her husband Randal since 1984. She is the mother of three married children and grandmother to five. She writes the daily “Rising Joy” column, based on Bible verses published in the Ruffled Mango.

James C. McFerrin of Fayetteville, TN: I have been a member of the body of Christ that meets at State Line between Fayetteville and Huntsville, AL since July 14, 1950. My only break from this congregation has been during college and three years after college. I have been married to Joyce Davis McFerrin 56 years and we are the parents of two sons and a daughter. We have 13 grandchildren, two step-grandchildren and one step-great-grandchild. I began leading singing and teaching Bible classes during my teenage years and still lead singing during alternate months. My teaching is limited to filling in when needed.

Eugene Adkins was born 34 years ago, born-again 13 years ago, married 12 years ago, started preaching 10 years ago, became a father 4 years ago, and is currently still doing all 5 (as of 2016). He lives in middle Tennessee and preaches for the Oak Grove church of Christ in Warren County.

Glenda Williams is married to Douglas M. Williams and lives in Geneva, Ala., where he preaches with the Geneva church. They have two children, Mrs. Chris (Stephanie) Freeze, Arlington, Va., and Art Williams, Montgomery, Ala., and two granddaughters.

From his perch in Brazil, Randal Matheny serves the Word of God, encourages mission in the church, works with Forthright Press, and writes poetry for fun and glory.

Retired or inactive Fellows

Barbara A. Oliver lives in Winona, Mississippi, when she is not escaping to Sabanilla, Costa Rica to work with the church there. She is part of the Gospel Opportunities team concentrating in Spanish literature and short-term missions to Central America. She has been involved in mission-related works for over 20 years and worked for many years with Forthright Press.

Chad Dollahite is evangelist with the Childersburg, Ala., church of Christ, southeast of Birmingham, and a 1998 graduate of Memphis School of Preaching. He is husband of Reagan, and father to Joshua, Levi, Rachel, and Noah.  “Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever” (Psa. 106:1).

David Kenney is the preacher for the church in Wadsworth, Oh.  He is also the Producer/Speaker of “Light From Above” which airs on WCTV and on the Gospel Broadcasting Network. His TV shows are archived on YouTube. He filmed a documentary on the life of Alexander Campbell, which aired on GBN, available on GBN’s YouTube Channel.  He writes for the Gospel Advocate, The West Virginia Christian, and other publications. He also blogs at “The Bully Pulpit“. David’s interests includes restoration history, research, writing, and fishing. He is also the proud father of James and Deborah along with his wife Annette.

Doc Phillips: I am just a member of the Fredericksburg Church of Christ and write a weekly blog article, teach class on occasion. I was baptized in a “cow pond” in Crenshaw County, Ala., in 1958. I was married in 1961. We have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 greats. Taught school for 30 years, PhD from University of Maryland, but am retired, so who cares anymore? Love to hunt, fish, travel. Have helped evangelize in Namibia at least 6 times. Do World Bible School with students in several African countries, and over 100 prisoners in Texas. Most important, I try to be an obedient child of God.

John Henson serves the Dibrell church in Warren County, TN and has been preaching since 1987.

John T. Polk II has been a gospel preacher for 47 years, with 10 mission trips to Ghana, W. Africa, eight public debates, two radio debates, two written debates, 25 years experience with radio programs and three years with TV programs. He has held gospel meetings and special lessons in 16 states and two foreign countries and taught 35 semesters in eight area-wide Bible Schools. He was a staff writer for 16 years for the Gospel Gleaner.

Josh Gulley teaches chorus at DeKalb County High School and attends the Smithville, Tenn., church.

Joy Jensen lived in Tanzania, East Africa, working as a help-meet to her husband in the mission field. They now live and work in Kentucky.

A lover of restoration history from Louisville, Ky, Larry Miles maintains the website for Cherry Street church, New Albany, Ind., as well as other web sites for different congregations.

Mark McWhorter has 6 children and 3 grandchildren, owns Chula Vista Books, works in open heart surgery recovery as a clinician and lives in Pell City, Ala.

Michael Summers is a prayer-promoter, student of the Word, loves Christ and his Church; has preached the gospel and run 10k races on three continents.

Mike Riley has lived in El Paso, Tex., for 20 years and has been an article blog writer for 10 years.

Phil Sanders lives in Edmond, Okla., and is one of the speakers on In Search of the Lord’s Way, a nationally broadcast television ministry of the Edmond church.

Richard Hill lives on a farm outside of Roanoke, Ill. He is an elder at the Eureka church and a proselyte grain farmer. He and his wife Sharon have two children, one grandchild and one (grandchild) on the way.

Richard Mansel is a disabled writer, preacher and bookworm who lives in Tennessee and preaches on Sundays in Alabama. He and his wife Deirdre have three daughters, two granddaughters and various pets. Richard is usually at home reading.

A 1995 ETSOP graduate and father of two girls, Ron Thomas has preached for 21 years. With his wife Anne (1983), Ron has lived and preached in Sullivan Ill., for 12 years.

Sandi Rog is an award-winning author who has three inspirational novels published: The Master’s Wall, Yahshua’s Bridge, and Walks Alone. After living in Holland for thirteen years, Sandi now lives in Colorado with her husband, four children, a cat, and too many spiders. Troy Spradlin serves as a missionary for the Lord’s church in Paraguay, South America.

Weylan Deaver preaches in Texas and writes with his left hand, but types with both.

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