Feminists need to man up and quit whining

Alex Trebek recently garnered the ire of feminists when he asked a female contestant, who was a retired Master Sergeant in the military, if it was hard to give orders in her job because she was a woman.

“That must be really tough for a woman because a Master Sergeant is giving orders most of the time. How was it for you?”

The irony of the situation is Mr. Trebek was accused of stirring the sexist pot even though it seems as if (to me) he was actually acknowledging the supposed platform of feminism – women not being given a fair-shake in a male dominated culture.

The reason I say this is Mr. Trebek’s question was offered to a woman who served in culture was that was alpha-male driven … an alpha-male culture that does not always like to listen to other alpha-males who give orders, much less from an obviously physically weaker female. And yet the game-show host is blamed for being sexist because he asked a woman if her job was hard simply because she was a woman.

If her job wasn’t hard simply because she was a woman then feminism has no platform! The question was giving feminism a chance to justify its position.

This situation reveals my problem with twenty-first-century feminism. Most feminists today want to be treated like men until they want to be treated like women, but if you treat them like a man when they want to be treated like a woman the offense is as offensive as when you treat them like a woman but they want to be treated like a man.

It’s a no win situation because you don’t know when because the when is constantly being moved depending upon the way feminists feel about the situation.

Do you want to be treated like men or women? Feminists need to make up their mind.

There are differences between men and women (some make men the stronger sex and others make women the stronger sex) that no cultural agenda will ever change. Feminists need to just man up, quit whining, and recognize them … if being treated like man is what they want that is.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13 ESV)

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