Fighting to save her babies

We walked silently to the city of the dead Tuesday afternoon to pay our final respects to a loved one. I heard a shrill scream in the stillness. It stopped and started over and over. I searched the area to see what was making the sound and then I spotted her. Right near the funeral home tent and near the velvet covered chairs standing on a small grave-stone was a little mother, a little bird. She was standing alert and any rapid movement near made her scream a warning. Different people were getting too close and she was giving a piercing warning to stay away from her guard. The wind was blowing, a plane was flying overhead, and with the little mother’s piercing scream I didn’t hear much of Doug’s final comments or prayer at the gravesite. But I fell in love with the little mother, the little bird that could have easily blended in with the area. I moved closer and she screamed and fluffed up her feathers. I wanted to see what it was she was so protective of, what it was she would have fought a human being over, what it was she would have given her life to protect. And then I saw her prized possessions, her eggs. Those eggs were hers. She had produced them and she was protecting them at all cost. No one was going to destroy her babies under her watch. Why she would have fought and given her very life to protect those four eggs. Ah, how wonderful it would be if young girls were this protective of the unborn babies they carry in their wombs. Nature teaches us the best way. If little birds have the protective nature such as exhibited by this little mother, how much more should we as God’s highest creation exemplify the same? “I will fight to save my baby” should be the battle cry of all potential mothers. Let no one destroy what you have helped create.