Fill in the blank

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of Texas saints, now blessed with the generosity of Central Arkansas brethren. Tomorrow, back to Tennessee for the grandson.

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• Coming through Texas, every town had the ubiquitous ______. Fill in the blank. I know what you’re thinking, but you’d be wrong. Answer below.

• Eugene tells us we ought to act like a kid. So I did several of the things on his list today.

• Doug Kashorek wrote today on his weekly devotional thought about King Josiah,

What excuses he would have had to just be another mediocre to wicked king of Judah!  But Josiah [chose] to live differently than others of his generation.  Josiah determined to use his position of influence as an example of godly obedience.  How about you?

• And what’s ubiquitous in all the towns? No, not McDonalds. Doughnut shops. (But spelled badly as “donuts”.) I saw bunches. Is it just a Texas thang?

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