Finally! I bopped out my article today a…

Finally! I bopped out my article today at Forthright Magazine, as I sweltered in the heat and fought that wet-rag feeling and mental lethargy that the high temps bring on. You judge if I was successful or not, with Get Out of My Life!.

I’m trying to decide if it’s going to be useful or not, and I got the feed installed on my personal website, but my FriendFeed account is up if you have any use for it. I couldn’t get it to list the Forthright site, however. Perhaps a sign it doesn’t like the Moveable Type software, who knows?

The Daily Nudge asks our greatest joy of late. Mine would have to be having my wife and daughter with me, after a lonely weekend. They went on a women’s retreat and I was left staring at two dogs who wanted their biscuits which I couldn’t find and discovered we didn’t have. Good thing I didn’t get devoured by these ferocious beasts. I’ve taken hits for it, but I’ll say it again: pets ain’t family. So my joy was to have the ladies of my life restored to me.

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