Financial Tip Friday – Save a penny, earn a penny

No offense to my brothers or sisters who live North of the border, but few things are as annoying to me as getting a Canadian penny back as change. For all intents and purposes, you lose a penny every time you get a Canadian penny because a Canadian penny isn’t worth one American penny here in Middle Tennessee no matter what the exchange rate is. So what’s a person to do? I think I have the answer.

Have you ever been to a tourist attraction and seen those machines that flatten out a penny while pressing an image into it? All you need is two quarters and a penny and you get a neat and cheap souvenir; try getting something that cheap from the gift-shop – it’s not happening!

By now you probably get where I’m going with this tip. Instead of throwing away the Canadian penny (or worse yet, passing it along as change for someone else to get), save it to use in those souvenir machines. That way you don’t lose a penny, and by not losing a penny you save one, and by saving one you earn one.

There is a store of great value in the house of the wise, but it is wasted by the foolish man.” (Proverbs 21:20 – BBE)



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