First day of the week is special for Christians

Today, the first day of the week, is a special day for Christians. On this day Jesus Christ arose. On this day the Lord appeared to his followers. On this day he ascended into heaven.

One wonders if on this day he will return to claim his people.

On this day, also, the saints meet to encourage and build one another up, according to the holy commandment, Hebrews 10.24-25.

A blessed day it is, a day of reflection, a day of action, a day of proclamation and adoration, a day to renew commitment and to reignite that zeal for the house of the Lord.

The first day is a day for eating together, praying together, singing together, acting as one.

Be blessed today. Find, in the body of Christ, that word, that thought, that truth, that act of kindness, that will bring you a blessing.

And today, be a blessing to someone, by word and deed, as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been to you, Ephesians 1.2.

“… bless others because you were called to inherit a blessing” 1 Peter 3.9b NET.

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