The first edition of NIV on Acts 2.38

More books have come out of boxes for my library, after my move to the home office (still without a name). My copy of the first edition of the New International Version (1978) floated to the surface. The glue is dried and sections are all broken, but I still cling to this Bible. Here’s the copyright page:

In that day, the NIV met with a wide mixture of reactions. I was excited to see it.

I was the first person at Freed-Hardeman College to have a copy. My sister worked at the Crowley’s Ridge College Bookstore in Paragould, AR. She sent me a copy right away. I noted in the front when it was received and who sent it. My handwriting has changed a lot since then (for the worse).

For a few days, I was the most popular guy on campus, with the only copy of the NIV. But only among the Bible bangers, as they were then called. Of course, the popularity didn’t last, but I was happy to return to my wallflower status.

One of the first verses we in the brotherhood consult is Acts 2.38. Imagine my pleasant surprise:

I included a large portion of the page above for historicity’ sake.

The translation? “… so that your sins may be forgiven.” Quite a nice rendering! Subsequent editions, however, changed it to “for the forgiveness of your sins.” Was the first-edition translation too clear? You be the judge.

Bias certainly influences the works of man, even Bible translations. We can still learn the will of God in the versions, but points of bias do at times appear.

If you’re interested, I can show you one recent example of a rendering, in a Brazilian version published by one of the major publishing houses here, that puts the phrase above before baptism. That, my friends, is brazen.

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