First Night of the Gospel in Espanol ends with a Splash

The iglesia de Cristo is striving to begin a process of sowing the seed and bearing fruit for the Lord in the Spanish-speaking community of my home town in Smithville, TN.

Despite “experiencing” 1 Corinthians 14:19 first hand, I had the privilege last night of attending the services of what began a weekend series of meetings for the newly foundedphoto congregation. And I’m so glad I went because after hearing a lesson on the church’s one foundation a lady came forward and before a crowd of about 100 witnesses (comprised of members from about 6 different congregations) she expressed her wishes to begin life anew in Christ Jesus. So after a quick trip down the highway to the Smithville congregation’s building the first night of the gospel in Español ended with a splash and the birth of a new creation in Christ! And after using my translator app to figure out the Spanish word for congratulations I was privileged to be able to give this new sister-in-Christ a hug and a small word of encouragement that was received with a gracias and a warm smile.

As with any other mission work, the newly founded congregation here in Smithville will face an up-hill-climb, but perhaps, by the grace of God and by sleeves rolled up, the vineyard of the Lord will grow here in DeKalb county.

I’m going to try to get some information together for a possible story on Brotherhood News. But until then please keep this newly founded effort in your prayers.

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