First paying job?

Technically, my first paying job was feeding the neighbors cats, followed by baby sitting. Neither did I do frequently or regularly, so one could hardly think of that as earning any kind of living. The first real, steady job I had was working at a local greenhouse and floral shop. I worked there beginning with when I could drive and continued through much of college. I started out sweeping floors and potting plants. As I proved my ability to handle responsibility, I was given more important tasks. When all was said and done, I had done just about every job there except for cutting checks to pay the bills and the employees. That included working with the wealthy customers to decorate their home for elaborate parties and directing weddings. The job paid minimum wage, regardless of what I did or how hard I worked, but it was good experience and a nice steady paycheck. Still, it was good incentive to do well in college so I could get a higher paying job!

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