First Samuel 10

  1. Saul was a humble man – at least that is the impression I receive from these two chapters (chapters 9 and 10) – and his humility served him well at the outset of his reign. However, before that came about Samuel took Saul aside and began to tell him what was about to occur. All that would occur was the Lord’s demonstration to Saul that he was God’s anointed king (10:1-13). Saul arrives home and the family rejoices but also inquires of his whereabouts and to whom he spoke. In due time Samuel calls the nation together and brings forth Israel’s new king (10:17-24). Publicly Israel’s new king is known, and they learned three things about their new king: 1) he was of the tribe of Benjamin, 2) there was a bit of timidity associated with him, 3) he was a big man. It would be the last of these three things learned, I suppose, that was impressive to the people. We learn, however, that some were not impressed (10:25-27).
  2. Application: As the people looked on their new king some were not impressed. They judged the situation from the outside. Later, we learn that Samuel had his own failings in this regard (chapter 16). This is a struggle for each of us. We believe in our ability to judge accurately and fairly, but we learn by experience that when we have insufficient knowledge that we can hardly do either one, much less both!