First Samuel 19

  1. With Saul’s insecurities becoming more obvious to not only David but Saul’s son Jonathan, David flees Saul’s presence at the behest of Jonathan’s insistence. Jonathan had some measure of success, but in time that measure of success that Jonathan had waned. Saul, again, sought David even to the point of killing him while David was in bed sick! Of course, David was not, but the point is that Saul would have killed him because he felt David’s threatening presence. Saul pursued this threat even to the feet of God’s prophet, Samuel. Saul sent men, then more men, and finally went himself. As it was with each party he sent to apprehend David, it was also the case with Saul – the Lord protected David.
  2. Application: To what degree will we seek to achieve our desire? Saul was a tortured man; his torture was in his fear of a man that he saw as a threat, but who was in fact a great compliment to his kingdom. Saul saw David as a threat because the Lord had chosen him to be the new king (Saul wanted the throne to go to his son); Saul also saw David as a threat because if the king could not apprehend that threat, what was that threat (David) going to do to the king (and his family) if opportunity availed itself! Nothing, of course. Saul, however, did not see it that way. His thinking was clouded and, thus, so was his judgment.  How is our own judgment?