First Samuel 5

  1. After the Israelites had been defeated in battle and the Ark of the Covenant had been captured, it was only natural that the defeated (captured) icon would be put in the house of the victor’s idol god. Not only one night, but on two successive evenings the idol god (Dagon) was prostrate before the Ark of the Covenant. That the Philistines took note of this and decided to remove the ark from its current location to one of the major cities of the Philistines did not give them the relief they desired. Ashdod and Gath suffered, but when it was Ekron’s turn to receive there was a great outcry, for they chose not to suffer for this religious relic that brought much grief.
  2. Application: idol gods are of such sentimental value that many who worship them fail to notice that value has to be placed on them for the idols can place no value on a single thing. The Philistines had ample evidence that Almighty God made their Dagon bow before that which represented the true God. Because so much value and, no doubt, political force was attached to the idol the problem was the Israelite God, not Dagon. The blind that lead the blind both fall into the ditch.