Fix Your Thoughts On Jesus

Hebrews 3:1   . . .fix your thoughts on Jesus. . .

Jewish Christians tended to fall back into the familiar.  They:

  • were infatuated with angels
  • looked to Moses as the great leader
  • considered rituals of the Levitical system God’s answer to sin
  • and trusted the Old Covenant as their hope for the future

All these things were inadequate substitutes for radiance of God’s glory—Jesus Christ.

Those silly Jewish Christians.   Couldn’t they see that Jesus had not only replaced, but is superior in every way to all these things?

Shouldn’t we be grateful this is never done today?  Or is it?  Honestly answer the following questions.

Do you have an extravagant passion for any of these?

a.  Movie stars                          b. Athletes

c.  American Idols                      d. Jesus

Whom do you look to as a great leader?

a.  Reagan                                b.  Obama

c.  Jefferson                              d.  Jesus

Who or what is your go-to source to improve your life?

a.  Dr. Phil                                b.  Dr. Oz

c.  Disney Movies                     d.  Jesus

Where do you learn about the meaning of life?  (Remember, be honest.  Do you spend more time with Oprah than in Bible study?)

a.  Dali Lama                            b.  Oprah

c.  Science & psychology          d.  Jesus

Where do you place your hope for the future?

a.  Financial holdings                 b.  Family

c.  Government                          d.  Jesus

Once you locate the target of your infatuation, the one you consider a great leader, your go-to source to improve your life, and where you place your hope for the future, then you will know all the things you have substituted for Jesus or that you have Jesus right where he belongs.

By the way—There’s only one right answer.

Fix your thoughts on Jesus.

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