Food Inspection

Please follow me.  You are a shepherd, responsible for a flock of 100 sheep.  Although you and your dog can easily move the sheep around where you want them to go, you have hired a man to be responsible for preparing the feed for the sheep when they are not out in the field.  One day, you notice that the hireling is putting rat poison, ground glass, and cotton in the feed.  What do you do?  I sincerely hope you would lose no time in firing the hireling.

Now, make no mistake:  The preacher is a hireling, hired by the elders to “feed the flock.”  It is the preacher who is before the congregation every Sunday, bringing them the bread of life.  However, it is the shepherds or elders who are ultimately responsible for what the flock is fed.  We love our preachers.  Most of them are wonderful men.  But the duty of the elders is NOT to support the popularity of the preacher.  The duty of the elders is to be sure the flock is fed pure, wholesome food.  If the preacher who leads a congregation astray is condemned by the Lord, so, too, are the elders who allow that to happen.  And so, too, are the members who sit back and swallow the poison, never reading the Bible for themselves to determine the truth of what they are told.

What say ye?