For the MK’s pets

Millions are going to Haiti, and that is good. On we’ve been publishing possibilities for churches and individuals to donate to the extreme need that exists.

Now comes a need not so extreme, but as a long-term missionary, I understand it and want to recommend it to you. Our old college friends, Lowell and Robin White, are moving to work in Honduras. They have kids. One of their kids wants to take his pets, but needed support hasn’t come in for the family, so they start cutting all the non-essentials. Like the pets.

They’ll move in February. So Jacob, with his parents’ permission, has started his website, “Help Me Keep My Pets.” It’ll cost $800 to ship three pets to Honduras. That may sound like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a pittance to help a missionary kid and family adjust well on the field.

I know the sacrifices missionary kids are required to make for their parents’ work.

Don’t make this MK have to make yet another one. On the link above, there’s a PayPal link. Please contribute $5 or $10 or whatever your heart is touched to give.

They’re packing already. What you do today will determine whether they make arrangements tomorrow to take the pets with them or give them away.

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