Kick back or jump forward?

Some people use holidays to kick back and rest brain and body. Three servants of God are coming to visit tomorrow from São Paulo, since it’s a municipal holiday for Corpus Christi. They want to talk about Bible study, ministry, the church in Brazil, and the family of God’s workers. One may work full-time with the church, I’m not sure. The other two do not, for certain. They’re taking precious time to learn how to be more effective servants.

I’m going to treat them for lunch at the pie store close to the office. (Think chicken pie and palm-heart pie.) Then, if they have time, I’ll bring them home for The Missus’s homemade brownies and coffee. We’ll sit at the table on the back porch and chew the fat.

We also have a hammock on the back porch, so maybe one of them might want to kick back for a few minutes, too.

¶ If you could rename the town where you live, what would you name it? Rereading a post of Glenda Williams, I happened across a town named Readyville, TN. For followers of the Christ who want to be ready for his return at anytime, that might be a fine name, don’t you think? The town was not named for that reason, but we can make it mean what we want, right?

¶ Weylan Deaver’s article, published in early May, has caught considerable attention today with Mr. Bruce Jenner’s latest antics. The article deserves a wide reading: “‘Transgenderism’ and the Bible.” You might also want to read the statement of a Johns Hopkins psychiatrist who says transgenderism is a “mental disorder.”

¶ It’s ironic — or perhaps not — that of all the data the American government is collecting about its citizens, illegally, by the way, it can’t say how many citizens there actually are. Drudge linked to a Politico article today. I say perhaps it’s not ironic, because the government doesn’t want to know and doesn’t want to admit how many in the US are not citizens. This is a dangerous political game.

But my point here is not about politics, but providence. God knows exactly how many are his. He calls his people, each one, by name. At the burning bush, “Moses, Moses” Exo 3.4. Upon his bed, in the night, young Samuel is called by name, 1Sam 3. Andrew brings his brother, and Jesus says, “You are Simon, the son of John” Jn 1.42. (Maybe Andrew introduced them?) The apostles are listed by name, as are many saints in the New Testament.

With God there is no guesswork nor coverup. He knows who is and who isn’t outside the kingdom.

¶ Take that last thought and hold it. We don’t know with precision, as God does, who is in and outside of the kingdom. But he does tell us what it takes to get into the kingdom. (Start with Mt 7.21.) There’s little doubt about how people leave the kingdom either. We are not readers of hearts, but we have been given the responsibility of reaching others with the promise of God and its requirements.

Too many, however, are wishy-washy, like the American government, about such certainties. If God says it, doesn’t that make it so? For some, not so much.

¶ The thought has sometimes crossed my mind that, if we don’t know who is and who isn’t a Christian, how are we going to evangelize? Do we just accept the word of those who say they are? That’s a dangerous direction to go. Why believe the word of a human over the word of God? Does this seem crazy to nobody but me? Can man know better than God?

¶ Along those same lines, an internal TSA test revealed that 95% of dangerous, terroristic artifacts passed the security guards unnoticed. A human being can be snookered. Not God. Some think that on the last day they’ll sneak by the heavenly courts into the gates of pearl. The Lord doesn’t miss a thing. He is compassionate toward us. He is patient with our failings. But he will not allow a single disbeliever, a single disobedient soul, a single idolater slip into heaven. Won’t happen.

¶ Let’s end on the upbeat. “Evil people’s lives are like paths covered with thorns and traps. People who guard themselves don’t have such problems” Pro 22.6 NCV. Guard yourself. It will save much grief later on. Life has enough challenges, without creating more through our own lack of diligence.

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