Friends at the Arctic Circle

easy communicationA postcard came in the mail today, mailed from Fairbanks, Alaska. Snail mail, to be clear. Yes, those picture cards mailed without an envelope still exist. It was mailed June 27, so it got here in an amazing nine days, all the way from up there.

A few days ago, the senders of the email, on a two-month vacation trekking from Arkansas to Alaska, reached the Arctic Circle. They’ve been emailing family and friends.

In the picture are George and Linetta at the Circle. (Posted with their permission.)

It’s been amazing to be able to accompany their journey. We’re learning history, geography, and culture. All thanks both to their kindness in sharing their trip and to the Internet that allows us instant contact.

But I’ll still treasure that postcard with Linetta’s handwriting.

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