Fruit that Lasts

By J. Randal Matheny © 2016

From his disciples the Lord wants fruit that lasts —
Results, those vital changes of the soul,
By Bible meditation, prayers and fasts,
Courageous effort — To do like Christ, our goal.

Mere words and flailing arms do not suffice;
The proof is in the practice — doing his will.
God looks for women and men who’ll pay the price;
He calls to me — will I reject him still?

His promise: Power to live and do and be,
A suffering way to learn on whom to rely,
A joy that none can steal, a family,
Unwavering faith, and hope in the hour to die.

In faithful service we can sow the seed,
And from the dying grain let life break forth;
God honors devoted saints who follow his lead,
And bring to earth much fruit of eternal worth.


John 15 is behind the idea of much fruit that lasts. All sowing is done based upon hope in his promises. You’re welcome to use this poem in bulletins or other print publications, as long as credits are given (author and site).