Welcome to the fundamental transformation of the USA: SCOTUS approves homosexual marriage

The pieces are pretty much in place. With SCOTUS’ approval today of homosexual marriage, however, the process is nearly complete. Worship in your places of worship, but outside your buildings, keep your voices quiet. The USA no longer has a place for Christians. The threat, not taken seriously when it was made, has been fulfilled, to “fundamentally transform” the United States.

As with abortion and Obamacare, there’s no going back. All the political efforts to hold back the onslaught of atheistic and socialistic attacks upon America have failed.

It is time for Christians to do one thing only: proclaim that Jesus is Lord and Savior to the four corners of the country and of the world. There is no hope in any political or social movement.

Only in Christ is there hope of an eternal transformation. On through the message of the gospel can this transformation take place.

In him we rejoice and are possessed with joy. The depravation of man goes from bad to worse, but the holiness of God shines ever brighter as we step toward the manifestation of Jesus Christ, with the blessed angels, to sweep the faithful ones into the bliss of heaven.

This is our possession, our inheritance, which no one can take away.

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