Generational Differences

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood was going to tent meetings and hearing evangelists preach the gospel of Christ every day of the week.

The difference between our generation and my father’s is (back then), there was constant preaching of the word. Every day, every week, morning, noon and night there were opportunities for people to hear and obey the gospel. As a result of the preaching, people were being baptized by the hundreds.

Now, there are “three-day meetings,” a work of the devil to limit the preaching of the word. You see, Satan has us fooled into thinking we are meeting our obligation to preach the gospel to the world by selecting a three-day effort and just hoping the lost will get the word about the meeting by osmosis. In three days, very few will hear of the meeting and fewer will be invited, so there will be less attending and less obeying the gospel.

Acts 6:7 is instructive here. If the preaching of the word is increased, the number of people hearing the word will obey it. We can’t convert everybody ― in fact, we’re not instructed to convert everyone ― but we can teach.

We, in this generation, have deceived ourselves into thinking a minimum effort is all that is needed. But, wasn’t it the Apostle Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that linked the seed sown to the harvest (2 Corinthians 9)?

We ought to be on television and radio every day, shouldn’t we? We ought to be engaged in preaching the gospel every day, shouldn’t we? “It’s too much work,” someone might say. I’d rather get to work and die in harness preaching the gospel than for Jesus to say to me, “Depart from me…” Wouldn’t you?

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