Generic Christian?

Yesterday my husband was studying with someone who said he considered himself  a “generic Christian.” He can worship anywhere, it doesn’t matter, yet he hates denominations because they cause division. He can worship with instrumental music, or without, it doesn’t matter to him. He can take the Lord’s Supper each Sunday, quarterly, yearly. It doesn’t matter to him. He thinks the New Testament is not a blueprint for us to follow. Just as the Ten Commandments were not ten suggestions, the New Testament is not a list of suggestions, but rather a pattern for us to follow.

Webster defines generic as “general, not specific.” Generic medicine is usually less expensive than regular, or name brand medicine. It is a substitute for the original medicine. Generic food is no brand name food. Generic churches are no name churches. Their signs are no name brand signs. The Community churches, the Crossroad churches, the Meeting Places, etc., without further identification, are  generic names. You see their name and ask, “What kind of church is that?” You can’t find by their name what they teach and what they believe. They are generic churches.

Generics quality are questioned as being as good as the original. They are less expensive. Those who support generics will say they are just as good, but they are missing some qualities of the original product.

Is that what we are coming to with all the changes taking place in the church? Are we becoming generic Christians? Just so we love each other, accept Jesus Christ, don’t stick to a set of rigid rules, have no disagreements, anything goes as long as it attracts people. What is taught or practiced does not matter. Is the Bible no longer our authority for a thus saith the Lord? What is our standard? Where and on what do we stand? Are love and belief in Jesus enough?

Are we a Christian, or a substitute Christian? Are we the real thing or generic? Joshua said in the long ago, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). To me that means following after the pattern in the New Testament, not adding to nor taking from it. That is the pattern by which we will be judged (John 12:48). That is not generic.

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