How the Genesis story about Jacob is structured

See if this organization of Genesis 28.10—32.2 holds water for you. If so, it’s a beautiful picture of some important emphases in the book.

A: 28:10-12 – Jacob encounters angels
—B: 28:13-19 – A covenant and a stone pillar
——C: 28:20-22 – God watches over Jacob
———D: 29:1-12 – Jacob journeys and meets Laban
————E: 29:13-14 – Laban lauds family ties with Jacob
—————F: 29:15-30 – Jacob negotiates wages with Laban
——————G: 29:31-30:24 – Rachel and Leah compete for children
———————H: 30:25-26 – Joseph is born & Jacob is ready to leave Laban
——————G: 30:27-43 – Jacob and Laban compete for sheep
—————F: 31:1-13 – Laban renegotiates wages with Jacob
————E: 31:14-16 – Laban repudiates family ties with Jacob
———D: 31:17-32a – Jacob journeys and is pursued by Laban
——C: 31:32b-43 – God watches over Jacob
—B: 31:44-55 – A covenant and a stone pillar
A: 32:1-2 – Jacob encounters angels

via Soil from Stone: A Chiasm: Until the Time of the Gentiles Is Complete

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