Getting started with the new year. In March?

You’ve probably heard me repeat the Brazilian saying that the country starts the new year only after Carnaval (held this year Feb. 17). There’s a grain of truth in that. January is the main vacation month. Many travel, especially from our city, since so many are from other places. Then comes the waiting for Carnaval.

Carnaval always falls on a Tuesday, so the holiday often runs from the previous Friday through Wednesday morning. It’s one of Brazil’s main holiday periods.

That kind of calendar affects the work of the church. Absences in meetings. Failure to carry through plans. Lack of flow in activities.

Workarounds are possible, of course, other things can be done, options are available. God’s people find ways to fulfill their mission, whatever the circumstances, regardless of the date on the calendar.

We can “always work enthusiastically for the Lord” 1Co 15.58 NLT.

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