Getting the Bible to the world

A British hotel has thrown out the Gideon Bibles … and now offers its guests a Kindle preloaded with Scripture, supposedly the first to do so. The report didn’t say whether the guests could take the Kindle with them. The general manager said they wanted to reflect the town’s literary character “in a very contemporary way” with the “cutting-edge Kindles.” Let’s hope they included a version that people could understand.

• Not every hotel and chain will be able to afford Kindles, so the Gideons will not be going out of business any time soon.

• The Lord’s church lost a Bible translation and distribution ministry recently. The World Bible Translation Center merged with the Bible League International and in doing so became an evangelical cause.

• Do we have in the brotherhood any ongoing, major efforts at Bible distribution? I’m not aware of any, though I’m usually the last to hear about things. Maybe our efforts are spread out among the churches and missions ministries, dunno.

• We who proclaim the sufficiency of Scripture, why don’t we do more Bible distribution? When was the last time you gave somebody a copy of Scripture? Or when did your congregation last hand out copies of the Bible?

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