Gifts for the Church

One of the fun things of the holiday season is the giving and receiving of gifts.

One of my friends received a “Mustang” coffee mug from me. He fancies cowboy hats, buckles and Western things, so when I saw the mug, it seemed perfect for him.

What gifts can we give the church? Don’t we plan on giving the church anything besides contributions this year?

In two sermons, I discussed four gifts we can give the church. We can pray for the church to grow and for its members to increase their faith. We can give the church our cooperation in the work that it has to do and with the goals the elders have decided to pursue. We can give the gift of enthusiasm. If a person grows faith, won’t their enthusiasm increase? And, we can give the church our love, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.

What other gifts can we give the church this year? What do you think?

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