Girls don’t wear pants to church

Recently I was getting my little mother ready for worship after staying in all winter. I brought a nice pair of slacks to her bedside and was about to put them on her. She said, “Girls don’t wear pants to church.” I replied, “Mother, it is cool outside and I think you may need them.”  She raised her voice a little and  firmly said, “Girls don’t wear pants to church.”  I went to the closet and found her a nice, warm dress with a jacket.

We stopped in Huntsville, AL to worship one Sunday morning several years ago. The weather was getting warm and when the preacher stepped into the pulpit he said in his strong voice, “Well, it’s stripping off time.”  His sermon was on modest apparel, as you probably guessed.

Mother will be 99 years old on June 11, the Lord willing. She comes from the old school. She has always taken pride in the way she dressed to go worship God.  She still does.  I’m glad.