Glad to have this means of communication for TFR and the Fellows’ content

blessings of communicationI tried the P2 theme that we use here, as well as a number of spinoffs and child themes, on my personal blog. Didn’t work quite so well, but I may come back to the idea later.

I wound up using the Writr theme, which is nice, but not everything I need (want?) in a theme. Never satisfied, are we? You can take a peek at the new theme here.

The P2 theme has been quite good for our needs here at TFR. There are a few bugs, but that’s par for the course when it comes to software. (It’s the norm for MS, but that’s another battle.) WordPress is an amazing tool to have at our disposal.

So in all, we’re thankful to have this means of communication. And to have our Fellows contributing their good content.

#blessings, #communication, #wordpress