Glenda’s Glimpse

Author’s note: Glenda’s Glimpse is the back page article of our weekly bulletin. It is usually where the thoughts and imaginations of my heart overflow on paper.

I must take a minute and express to all of you how much we appreciate you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love for us. God bless you for your prayers and kind words. You are just so sweet to openly thank God for us and to pray for us even during the assembly. We love each one of you and pray God’s richest blessings on you.

It is thrilling to see the level of interest in growing the church in Geneva. The men are to be commended for their interest and their prayers toward this effort. As women, we must do likewise. I have been praying for the growth of the church for a long time and praying that God would use us to help grow the church. Surely if each of us prays and then works to answer those prayers we will see an increase in our number physically. There’s no doubt about the spiritual growth of the members who faithfully attend the services here. The gospel is taught both in the pulpit and in Bible classes both on Sunday and Wednesdays.

We need every person who professes to be a member of the church in Geneva to attend faithfully. We need your presence. We need your encouragement. We need your ideas. We need your support. More than that, God needs us all to be faithful. How in the world do we think for a minute we can go to heaven and live and serve God forever if we aren’t even faithful to do it here on earth? If you have an answer for that, I’d like to hear it.

There will be no lukewarm Christians in heaven. We know the scripture teaches we are either hot or cold, never lukewarm. In our heart of hearts, we know whether we are hot or cold, whether Jesus is important to us or not. If He isn’t, we’d better fake it until we make it, so to speak. Satan has a hold on too many in the church. We can change that and we must! My go to saying is, “Let him (Satan) know who is the boss!” We can do that by serving God and putting him FIRST in our lives every day of the week. I will do it. Will you?