I subscribe to a few publications. In seculare media, I receive NEWSMAX (about 3-4 years), COUNTRY (2 years), ROTARIAN (member of local club), I think that is about it.

In religious periodicals, I receive the GA, CHRISTIAN COURIER (although I think I am overdue in subscription), REASON & REVELATION, SPIRITUAL SWORD, The Sword of the Lord (Baptist), a Church of God publication (name escapes me; I am at home at the moment where I have no paper in front of me) – this is an anti-denominational holiness paper, CAROLINA MESSENGER.

I receive nothing electronically, except NEWSMAX update (that I rarely look at).

These are all that I can think of; after looking at each of the Christian publications, I pass them along to others. I keep, however, all the Spiritual Swords (I have the complete set). The denominational papers, generally are tossed, but I subscribe to them in order to write articles and send them to the respective editors so they can hammer me and beat me up (I am a glutton!). Seriously, however, whenever I write an article for the Carolina Messenger that was spawned from a piece in one of these denominational papers, I send it to the editor as a courtesy. That way, if they desire, they can reply in the way they choose. It was worked exceedingly well for me in the way of correspondance.